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03 July 2016

21 June 2013


Now you can collect a stunning children's book which is definitely going to be talked about for years to come!
Hailed as ‘A breakneck, jam-packed, roller coaster of an adventure’ by none other than J.K. Rowling (author of Harry Potter). HOUSE OF SECRETS follows three siblings and their family as they are forced to move to a mysterious new house in San Francisco and end up embarking on a journey to retrieve a dark book of untold power. The first story in an epic fantasy adventure trilogy! Written by the famous Chris Columbus and Ned Vizzini
When Brendan, Cordelia and Nell move to Kristoff House they have no idea that they are about to unleash the dark magic locked within. For the house once belonged to a crazed writer, whose stories have come to life. Literally. Now the Walker kids must battle against deadly pirates, bloodthirsty warriors and a bone-crunching giant. If they fail they will never see their parents again and a power-mad Witch will take over the world. No pressure then . . .
House of Secrets is the first book in a major new series. It’s going to be epic.
Ned Vizzini has exclusively signed, lined, dated, doodled and numbered first editions of House of Secrets. These beautiful and highly collectable rare books with blue endpapers will be in stock very soon.

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20 June 2013


Good Afternoon!
At the start of 2013 did you hear about a mesmerising debut set to become a modern fantasy legend? Yes this book has had an epic amount of positive reviews and luckily for Doodled Books collectors we were fortunate enough to organise an exclusive scoop of signed and doodled books!
In the novel DREAMS AND SHADOWS, screenwriter and noted film critic C. Robert Cargill takes us beyond the veil, through the lives of Ewan and Colby, young men whose spirits have been enmeshed with the otherworld from a young age.
This brilliantly crafted narrative - part Neil Gaiman, part Guillermo Del Torro, part William Burroughs - follows the boys from their star-crossed adolescences to their haunted adulthoods. Cargill's tour-de-force takes us inside the Limestone Kingdom, a parallel universe where whisky-swilling genies and foul-mouthed wizards argue over the state of the metaphysical realm. Having left the spirit world and returned to the human world, Ewan and Colby discover that the creatures from this previous life have not forgotten them, and that fate can never be sidestepped.
With sensitivity and hopeful examination, Cargill illuminates a supernatural culture that all too eerily resembles our own. Set in a richly imagined and constructed world, complete with its own richly detailed history and mythology, DREAMS AND SHADOWS is a deeply engaging story about two extraordinary boys becoming men.
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And with prices already fetching £100 on rare book websites - this is a sure fire hit of 2013!
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04 February 2013


Today Doodled Books is very proud to present A Face Like Glass a magical and captivating signed first edition book with a huge cast of characters! You can easily envisage that every book collector in the universe will want to collect this – especially as it has been likened to Alice in Wonderland and has been published by the famous Macmillan Childrens books!
It's one of the most original and spellbinding stories you will ever come across. And in a way you can't even begin to try and compare it to anything else because it stands in a league of it's own and is so unusual and surprising that you will never guess what was going to happen from one chapter to the next. This is one of those books that will gradually creep up on you to the point that you won't be able to think about anything else.
The book starts in the underground city of Caverna where the world's most skilled craftsmen toil in the darkness to create delicacies beyond compare - wines that can remove memories, cheeses that can make you hallucinate and perfumes that convince you to trust the wearer, even as they slit your throat. The people of Caverna are more ordinary, but for one thing: their faces are as blank as untouched snow. Expressions must be learned, and only the famous Facesmiths can teach a person to show (or fake) joy, despair or fear - at a price. Into this dark and distrustful world comes Neverfell, a little girl with no memory of her past and a face so terrifying to those around her that she must wear a mask at all times. For Neverfell's emotions are as obvious on her face as those of the most skilled Facesmiths, though entirely genuine. And that makes her very dangerous indeed . . .
Frances has signed, lined and dated 20 rare books for Doodled Books collectors. And each book has a unique illustration and is numbered 1 of 1!
It's true to say that Frances Hardinge first edition books make a great investment with prices reaching £400 on respected book collecting websites!
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30 January 2013


Exciting news! Sceptre have published a début novel-in-verse which promises to put an end to one of the greatest literary mysteries, that of whether playwright Christopher Marlowe wrote Shakespeare's plays.
Publishing director Carole Welch bought world rights to The Marlowe Papers by Ros Barber from historical fiction specialist Rupert Heath. The book looks at the controversial life and death of Elizabethan poet, spy and heretic Marlowe, and answers the question of whether he died in a tavern brawl in 1593, or whether he lived on and wrote the plays attributed to Shakespeare.
Welch described it as "one of the most unusual and exciting débuts to have crossed my desk in years," and said the work was "as vibrant, gripping and clever as a work by Marlowe himself. It's an astonishing ­achievement."
Barber has written three poetry collections, with her latest, Material, published by Anvil in 2008. Her short fiction has been published by Bloomsbury and Serpent's Tail. Infact the Marlowe Papers won the 2011 Hoffman Prize even before it was published this year in 2012. And with signed books already fetching £100 on AbeBooks this is set to be an all time classic!
Each first edition first printing has been signed and doodled by Ros Barber and they are exclusive for Doodled Books collectors!
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28 January 2013


Now for the first time at Doodled Books we have an exclusive scoop of the incredibly rare Limited Special Edition of Some Kind of Fairy Tale. And to add extra rarity the Graham Joyce has signed, lined, dated and numbered exclusive doodles for your collection!
As you probably already know Graham Joyce is a four time winner of the British Fantasy Award. He has also won the World Fantasy Award. And his new book Some Kind of Fairy Tale is a very English story. A story of woods and clearings, a story of folk tales and family histories. It is as if Neil Gaiman and Joanne Harris had written a Fairy Tale together.
The story starts on a Christmas afternoon and Peter Martin gets an unexpected phonecall from his parents, asking him to come round. It pulls him away from his wife and children and into a bewildering mystery. He arrives at his parents house and discovers that they have a visitor. His sister Tara. Not so unusual you might think, this is Christmas after all, a time when families get together. But twenty years ago Tara took a walk into the woods and never came back and as the years have gone by with no word from her the family have, unspoken, assumed that she was dead. Now she's back, tired, dirty, dishevelled, but happy and full of stories about twenty years spent travelling the world, an epic odyssey taken on a whim. But her stories don't quite hang together and once she has cleaned herself up and got some sleep it becomes apparent that the intervening years have been very kind to Tara. She really does look no different from the young women who walked out the door twenty years ago. Peter's parents are just delighted to have their little girl back, but Peter and his best friend Richie, Tara's one time boyfriend, are not so sure. Tara seems happy enough but there is something about her. A haunted, otherworldly quality. Some would say it's as if she's off with the fairies. And as the months go by Peter begins to suspect that the woods around their homes are not finished with Tara and his family...
No doubt these will be hugely popular as Graham Joyce books regularly fetch over £250 on popular book collecting websites!
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27 January 2013


Hope you are well. Doodled Books is proud to present a stunning new rare book debut called Empire of the Saviours by A J Dalton. The author has been an English language teacher as far afield as Egypt, the Czech R, Thailand, Slovakia, Poland and Manchester Metropolitan University.
Now his mainstream debut Empire of the Saviours has been receiving stunning advanced reviews. And it has been tipped as one of the the biggest fantasy debuts of and, as it comes from the Gollancz stable, he follows in the footsteps of writers like Joe Abercrombie, Pat Rothfuss, Scott Lynch and Tom Lloyd, pretty exalted company to be in and each one a hard act to follow. So start you collection now as this is definitely one to watch!
In the Empire of the Saviours, the People are forced to live in fortified towns. Their walls are guarded by an army of Heroes, whose task is to keep marauding pagans out as much as it is to keep the People inside. Several times a year, living Saints visit the towns to exact the Saviours' tithe from all those coming of age - a tithe often paid in blood. When a young boy, Jillan, unleashes pagan magicks in an accident, his whole town turns against him. He goes on the run, but what hope can there be when the Saviours and the entire Empire decide he must be caught?

Jillan is initially hunted by just the soldiers of the Saint of his region, but others soon begin to hear of his increasing power and seek to use him for their own ends. Some want Jillan to join the fight against the Empire, others wish to steal his power for themselves and others still want Jillan to lead them to the Geas, the source of all life and power in the world. There are very few Jillan can trust, except for a ragtag group of outcasts. His parents threatened, his life in tatters, his beliefs shaken to the core, Jillan must decide which side he is on, and whether to fight or run . . .
These have huge potential when you look at Patrick Rothfuss signed books now fetching well over £1000 on AbeBooks.